How to Make Perfect Dosas on Trilonium Cast Iron Tawas?

How to Make Perfect Dosas on Trilonium Cast Iron Tawas?

We all enjoy having dosas, especially with tomato and coconut chutney and steaming sambhar. However, perfecting your dosa recipe may take some time. Let us reveal a secret: the trick is a high-quality Trilonium cast iron dosa tawa and some patience.


Many people have frequently asked which dosa tawa is best for health and certainly, nothing can beat a Trilonium cast iron pan. It does wonders and lasts for years if maintained with proper care. The maintenance of the pan begins with seasoning.


Seasoning the pan on a regular basis keeps it from rusting and increases its life. Furthermore, it forms a smooth coating over the pan and serves as a foundation for delectable dosas. Don't worry if this seems difficult! You may now buy pre-seasoned cast iron dosa tawas online. It will add to your convenience and taste!


How to use pre-seasoned cast iron dosa tawa? ● Before using a cast iron tawa for making dosa, you need to clean it with hot water. Avoid using dish wash liquid to clean the pan since it’s pre-seasoned. ● Wipe it with a clean cloth or paper towel. ● Heat the tawa on a medium flame for 5–6 mins. ● Next, pour a few drops of oil on the tawa and spread the oil using a soft cloth. ● Spread the oil evenly across the surface and let it heat under a medium flame. ● Allow the pan to cool before repeating 3-4 times.



How to cook in a cast iron tawa?
To make delectable, crispy dosas, begin by heating the pan over medium heat. Heat the pan on
medium heat while you prepare your ingredients and batter. The pan is heated to prevent food
from sticking to the bottom. Remove the oil residue with a clean towel or paper. Pour in the oil


Trilonium iron tawas are long-lasting and durable. They are capable of being passed on from generation to generation. TilCrustTM - a blend of cold-pressed natural vegetable oils - is used to season them naturally. They can make rotis, chapatis, pancakes, chillas, and other dishes in addition to dosas. In a nutshell, it makes your breakfast more enjoyable. Enhance the flavour and reap the benefits of iron.

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