Our Story

Legend has it that, Lord Shiva was the propogator of the Vedas (ancient Indian sciences). Ruk Veda (Rig veda) which is the science of smelting; 'SHIVA' cast his trident or the trishul using this knowledge. The trident in our logo signifies the divine symbol of POWER and is dedicated to 'SHIVA'.


The word ‘TRILONIUM’ is a portmanteau blended word:-


TRI*- denotes 'Three'

Cast-Iron (alloy) is mainly composed of 3 elements; namely-

1. Ferrous Iron, 2. Carbon and 3. Silicone (Sand)

LO* -  denotes Loh or Loha meaning ferrous metal.

NIUM*- denotes the rule (niyam) of splitting by heating/melting the metal from its ore.

Thus, 'TRILONIUM' symbolyses an all powerful ancient and natural alloy of IRON
that we claim to be safe and best for cooking.