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Cooking in Trilonium Cookware, naturally fortifies and enriches your food with the Goodness of IRON.

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You're gonna realise that we're the wisest choice for your kitchen.

1. 100% Natural.

2. Food tastes great when cooked in TRILONIUM

3. We use a proprietary mixture of 100% Natural Oils to season our cookware. We call it TilCrust™. We do not use any chemicals.

4. Our direct association with Foundries, unique patented designs, our mettle and experience in the cookware industry differentiates our products from competition.

5. Cooking in Trilonium's all Natural cookware enriches and fortifies your food with the goodness of IRON. Which in turn gives your immunity a BOOST.

6. We use FG200 grade of Solid Cast-Iron. We guarantee that our cookware will last you for a lifetime.

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Our Story

Legend has it that, Lord Shiva was the propogator of the vedas (ancient Indian sciences). Ruk veda AKA. Rig veda which is the science of smelting; 'Lord Shiva'
cast his Trident or the Trishul using this knowledge. The Trident is the divine symbol of Power. Our logo is dedicated to 'Shiva'.

The word ‘TRILONIUM’ is a portmanteau blended word:-


TRI*- denotes 'Three'

Cast-Iron (alloy) is mainly composed of 3 elements; namely-

1. Ferrous Iron, 2. Carbon and 3. Silicone (Sand)

LO* -  denotes Loh or Loha meaning ferrous metal.

NIUM*- denotes the rule (niyam) of splitting by heating/melting the metal from its ore.

Thus, 'TRILONIUM' symbolyses an all powerful ancient and natural alloy of IRON
that we claim to be safe and best for cooking.

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