Trilonium opens up a whole new way of  HEALTHY COOKING with an old world charm. - A Founder's Story

Trilonium opens up a whole new way of HEALTHY COOKING with an old world charm. - A Founder's Story

Hello, I am Avinash Kalro, the founder-promotor for Trilonium. I have always been a health conscious person and paid attention to what I ate, but I never thought about the effect of my cooking utensils on my health. Until then, I was diagnosed with a condition that left me feeling weak and tired all the time.
Deciding to improve my health, I started looking for ways to make positive changes in my lifestyle. Then I came across an article about the potential dangers of non-stick cooking that shocked me.
I learned that chemicals used in non-stick coatings can seep into my food and release toxic fumes when heated to high temperatures that can harm my health. This realization hit me hard and I knew I had to change something.
I immediately started researching the possibilities and discovered the advantages of a cast iron kitchen. Not only was cast iron safe for my health, it also offered many other benefits such as durability, versatility and excellent even heat distribution.
I bought my first cast iron pan and started trying different recipes. It took some getting used to, but I quickly fell in love with the results. Food tasted better, cooked more evenly, and I felt good knowing I wasn't being exposed to harmful chemicals.
When I continued to use an iron cookware, I noticed that my health improved. I had more energy and felt more alert and got better sleep which I attributed to a healthier way of cooking.
Eventually my journey to better health led me to discover the benefits of cooking with cast iron and I was thankful I made the switch. 

As a young professional living in India, I had always been interested in entrepreneurship and creating something new. However, it wasn't until 2017 that I found my true calling. I was on the hunt for a good quality cast iron cookware, and to my surprise, I found a lack of options available in India. After hours of online searching, I realized that most of the products were either of poor quality or overpriced.

It was then that the idea of Trilonium was born. I wanted to create a brand that would provide high-quality, affordable cast iron cookware for the Indian consumer. I spent months researching the market, understanding consumer needs, and studying the foundry business. I was determined to create something unique that would make a difference in people's lives.

Following a significant amount of effort and unwavering commitment, we launched officially Trilonium in May 2020 ( amidst the lockdown ), offering a range of cookware that were designed to meet the needs of the modern Indian household. From cast iron cookware to stainless steel kitchen tools ( made from ferrous metals only), we had something for everyone. Our products were made with the finest materials and designed to last for years.As our brand began to gain traction, we started receiving positive feedback from our customers, which only fueled our passion for providing quality products. It was amazing to see how our products were helping people create memories in their kitchens, from making their grandma's secret recipes to preparing special meals for their loved ones.

Today, Trilonium is a growing brand in the Indian market and is the best rated cast-iron cookware brand in India. You may check our product reviews on amazon and other marketplaces. We continue to innovate and create new products that exceed our customers' expectations. It's been a fulfilling journey so far, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for Trilonium.

To achieve our goal of being used in every Indian kitchen, we aim to provide high-quality, durable, and versatile cookware that meets the needs and preferences of Indian households. We will strive to offer a range of products that cater to different cooking styles and techniques, and that are easy to use and maintain.

We will also focus on building strong relationships with our customers and listening to their feedback and suggestions. By understanding their needs and preferences, we can continue to develop and improve our products, and provide better solutions for their cooking needs.

In addition, we will leverage the power of technology and social media to reach a wider audience and connect with customers. By engaging with our audience on various digital platforms and sharing informative and engaging content, we can educate and inspire them to adopt healthier and safer cooking practices.

Overall, we are committed to creating a strong brand presence and becoming a trusted and reliable name in every Indian kitchen.

We encourage modern Indians to transition from using harmful non-stick cookware to the tried and true cooking methods of their grandmothers'.

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