About Us

Trilonium®: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

At Trilonium®, we’re not just about cookware; we’re a culinary legacy. Let’s dive into why we’re the wisest choice for your kitchen, all while keeping it SEO-friendly:

  1. Roots in eKitchen Ventures: Trilonium® is the brainchild of eKitchen Ventures, a family-run, bootstrapped startup. Our journey began with a simple vision: to create cookware that marries tradition with modernity. We’re not just an online shopping portal; we’re curators of culinary excellence.
  2. Crafting Value for Money: Our commitment? To curate and manufacture value-for-money ferrous metal cookware. Each piece is meticulously crafted, primarily in India, by us and our partner MSMEs. Quality is our compass.
  3. Direct Rapport with Factories: Our secret sauce? Our direct rapport with factories. This enables us to deliver the best products at reasonable prices. From molten iron to your kitchen counter, we oversee every step.
  4. Founders with a Culinary Legacy: Our founders boast a combined experience of 50+ years in the home and kitchen category. They’ve danced between B2B and B2C realms, mastering the art of flavor and functionality.
  5. Naturally Seasoned, Naturally Non-Stick: Cooking in Trilonium® isn’t just about meals; it’s about nourishment. Our cookware is naturally seasoned and naturally non-stick. No chemicals, no gimmicks—just wholesome goodness.
  6. Our Ultimate Mission- At Trilonium®, we’re on a mission—to liberate kitchens from the clutches of chemical nonstick cookware. Our motto? To help people ditch the toxins and embrace a healthier alternative: TilCrust®- Naturlly seasoned Trilonium® cookware.

Disclaimer: No cast iron cookware was harmed in the making of this culinary tale. 😉🍳✨