TilCrust™: The Natural Seasoning for Trilonium® Cookware

What is TilCrust™? TilCrust™ is an all-natural seasoning used on Trilonium ferrous cookware. It is derived from a proprietary mixture of 100% natural cold-pressed vegetable oils. Unlike chemical coatings found in some non-stick pans, TilCrust™ enhances the cooking experience without compromising health.

Naturally Seasoned: When you purchase a piece of Trilonium® ferrous cookware, it comes pre-seasoned or triple-seasoned with TilCrust™. The natural oils create a non-stick-like surface that improves with each use. As you cook, the seasoning deepens, making your cookware naturally non-stick over time.

How Does TilCrust™ Work? The thin layer of TilCrust™ bonds with the iron surface, creating a protective barrier. As you cook, the oils polymerize, forming a smooth, naturally non-stick coating that effortlessly releases food.

Health Benefits: Cooking in Trilonium’s all-natural cookware enriches your food with the goodness of IRON. Iron is an essential mineral that supports overall health, including immune function and energy production. By using Trilonium®, you’re fortifying your meals while enjoying the convenience of non-stick cooking.

Flavor Enhancement: TilCrust™ not only prevents sticking but also enhances flavor. As you build layers of seasoning, your cookware imparts subtle, savory notes to your dishes.

Long-Lasting Durability: TilCrust seasoning works well on  Trilonium's FG200 grade solid cast iron and high-quality carbon steel and low carbon steel, known for their robustness. With proper care, every piece of Trilonium cookware will last a lifetime, becoming a cherished heirloom.

Cooking with Heart: Every time you use your Trilonium® cookware, you’re infusing your meals with the love and care that went into its creation. TilCrust™ becomes part of your culinary journey—a seasoning that tells stories through flavors.

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Naturally Seasoned, Naturally Non-Stick

TRILONIUM- The power of IRON