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Trilonium Triple Seasoned Iron Boulder Griddle Tawa 18 inches

Trilonium Triple Seasoned Iron Boulder Griddle Tawa 18 inches

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Made from High Quality Iron

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Care Instructions

After every use

1. Drying the pan. Use a mild dishwashing soap to wash your pan and then pat it until fully dry. Use a dry cloth. Ensure there are no droplets of water on the surface of the pan.

2. Coat with cooking oil. Place the pan on your stovetop and heat it up again to get rid of water droplets and moisture. Then, apply a coat of oil all over its surface.

3. Storing the pan. Ensure that your Trilonium pan is completely dry. Always store in a dry kitchen shelf.

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Seasoned with TilCrust™

All our Cast-Iron / Carbon Steel cookware is seasoned with natural cold-pressed EDIBLE VEGETABLE oils. These oils are mixed in a specific proportion and baked on to the surface of the cookware at a specific temperature for a specific duration. This forms a coat of seasoning. It acts like a naturally nonstick coating. Since its not permanent, this seaoning needs to be maintained as per our instruction manual so that your pan remains nonstick. We call our all natural seasoning- TILCRUST™.